The Munchie Machine | Street Food LA:Food Truck Profile goes under cover with the munchie machine

Truck Name: The Munchie Machine

munchie machine with

Truck Specialty: Savory and sweet treats from green Panini’s to coconut cupcakes there is something on the menu to cure all of your munchie cravings

vivalafoodies and the munchie machine

Truck Mission/about:

Finally there is a truck that caters to munchie minded people here in Los Angeles. A little over a week on the road, the Munchie Machine has already been pleasing fans ever since their street debut on 4/20. See for yourself why this hippie inspired food-truck is all the “buzz”

munchie machine

Truck operators & Team:

Rob Grier( Managing Partner)
Oliver Catlin(Managing Partner)

Rob Grier munchie machine

Oliver and the munchie machine

Payment: C.A.S.H is the only Green they accept(for now) Working on Credit Cards very soon!

munchie machine

Truck neighborhood coverage:

Westside, Valley, Downtown and beyond. Basically anywhere in LA where people can appreciate the occasional dose of mobile munchies.

Menu breakdown: Likes, must haves, etc…

munchie machine menu


The Grilled Veggitini
Pesto, spinach, roasted red peppers, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, Parmesan cheese

Bread(Choose One): Ciabatta, Six grain, Sourdough

grilled vegitini from munchie machine

*While most trucks only offer one kind of bread the munchie machine allows you to guide your own grubbing destiny

grilled vegitini munchie machine

The Don
Genoa salami, cappa colla, ham, roma tomatoes, pepperoncinis, dijon mustard, Mayo

Bread(Choose One): Ciabatta, Six grain, Sourdough

the don from munchie machine

*We were fortunate to meet the “real” Don during our visit and we thanked him personally for this one

the don and munchie machine

Green Bowl of the Day
*Salad Special(Changes Daily)

green bowl of the day

*We had the Grilled Veggie Bowl and it rocked our world! Thanks Rob, Oliver and Crew

green bowl of the day


fresh fries from the munchie machine

Hand cut French fries


munchie fries

oC’s hot chili cheese fries

Sweet Treats(Aka: Munchies) $2-4

sweet treats from munchie machine

Assorted cupcakes,

cupcakes from munchie machine

Graham crackers, chocolate, and your choice of marshallow
(caramel, coconut, cinnamon)


munchie machine and mrbfrank


& bars from Sweet Lady Jane and Chloe Coscarelli.

brownies and bars from sweet lady jane and chloe

Average item price:
$6-8 bucks

Truck contact info:

munchie machine contact information


Facebook: Follow the Munchie Machine on facebook


Private events: contact the munchie machine for privat bookings an catered events at (310) 428 5689 or via email at


Strangest question asked:

Are these special brownies? This question comes up more frequently now, but there are no green (+) on this one. They keep things legit with the health conscious menu and quality ingredients of the non-medicated kind.

Special Thanks:

munchie machine

9 star skate shop in west LA. The Munchie Machine crew. Rich Allen from Sagittarian images, Mr B Frank, Eliza James our resident violinist foodie friend and everyone who made this possible. Stay tuned for more special menu creations for those uncontrollable cravings.

munchie machine and

adam rubenstein and the munchie machine

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