An LA foodie Rolls out to Arizona for Labor Day Weekend

Allstate has it right with their saying “Your in good hands” and this is exactly how I felt when I met up with my good friend and local Arizona “Food & Lifestyle Concierge” Jennifer Miles who has the city of Phoenix literally dialed in on her “Speed Dial.” She structured our activities like a DJ crafting their set for a nationwide tour, and pardon the name drop but the Deadmau5 performance at the Phoenix Convention Center was our “Center of the plate” entertainment item that she worked all other culinary driven social activities around. “She’s Crafty” and provided the most thorough “Mixed up and Mashed up” Labor Day getaway that including everything from DJ’s to Dinner and even a tour of Downtown, Phoenix’s own hidden arts district.

Bridlewood Winery, Santa Ynez: A “ Spicy Sideways Tour” not too far from LA

Pick of a glass of your favorite local wine and read on about our Adventures in wine country just north of Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez mountains. A magical place called Bridlewood awaits so read on while we uncover the nuances of this “Oasis.” You will soon forget where you are, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ruby’s Diner Redondo Beach| A little taste of Nostalgia

Ruby’s is located in Redondo Beach at the Seaside Lagoon and is a place where locals and visitors can take a trip back in time and experience a taste of Americana. Ruby’s offers a plethora of dining options with an old-school diner theme running throughout. A view of Seaside Lagoon and a comfortable interior with a family atmosphere makes Ruby’s Redondo a great place to bring the entire family.

Gaetano’s Restaurant |A taste of “Little Italy” in the South Bay

A cozy interior coupled with a warm atmosphere and friendly staff will prime your senses for an amazing Italian feast. Gaetano’s menu is diverse and provides something for everyone. Vince Giuliano and team will make sure that all of your needs are met from first to last bite.

Dim sum at Yank Sing| Foodies Converge and Indulge on Far East Delights

Dim Sum was on our agenda from the moment we booked our trip and San Francisco has become a Dim Sum mecca for foodies from around the globe. When surveying people throughout our visit everyone said that Yank Sing in the financial district was the place to be and that was the consensus among the blogger community.

A Taste of Foodbuzz with a City View

Highlights from the over 50 vendors that participated included a selection of micro brews from 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant in San Francisco. Serving as a beer guide, our friend and blogger Candice from Beer Advocate provided us with a wealth of knowledge about each beer featured. Two distinctly unique beers were offered; One on draft and the other in an aluminum can. The Back In Black IPA (draft) was a darker and sweeter version than most IPA’s on the market and it had a robust malty and black roasted color. The second selection was something unique that caught our attention. The Hell or High Watermelon Wheat ™ beer was a contrast to typicalwitbier (“white beer) products that are available at most ale houses. This more ambitious version has watermelon notes that is in sharp contrast to their orange or banana cousins. Refreshing is all that comes to mind when describing this beer.

Taking it to the streets @ The SF Ferry Marketplace

Groups of bloggers united and sought out their respective foodie expeditions. Marissa and I were fortunate to have our noses and bellies as guides as well as our co-conspirator and fellow food blogger Rico Mandel from Fine Culinary Experience. He was chronicling the event in the style of his signaturephotojournalist approach and he captured Marissa and I from our first pour of Thirsty Bear “Valencia Wheat” beer to our last sip.

Foodbuzz Welcomes Bloggers to San Francisco with open arms

Food Bloggers united and converged on the Hotel Vitale; a Joie de vivre property in the Embarcadero waterfront neighborhood for the Foodbuzz Welcome Reception kickoff. The team at Foodbuzz couldn’t have chosen a better location and venue, since the property is located in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge, Ferry Building and the Embarcadero Center. All of these elements worked in perfect harmony to create a spectacular evening of gastronomic indulgement and bonding over all things food.

Summer BBQ fix at Smokin Steves BBQ joint

On a warm weekday afternoon after some coaxing from my stomach and buds, taste-buds that is, I decided to embark on a BBQ adventure. My journey took me just slightly North of the Los Angeles county line and brought me to Simi Valley to Smokin Steve’s BBQ joint. The old saying is definitely true and “good things are worth the wait.” When I pulled up my nose knew that I was in the right place because the smell of smoked meats engulfed my senses.

Tosca Ireland by Mira Zaki

On the tail end of a 2 week vacation to the U.K., my older sister and I found the end of our journey in Dublin. From London to Wales, to speeding along the small and crooked pathways of the Irish countryside on a bus, we found ourselves experiencing all 40 shades of green of the scenery as well as having gotten seasick on the ferry ride across the Irish River. We were about to resume our normal lives back in Los Angeles, California and after having been rained on excessively for about 14 days straight, we made one last important stop on our trip. We wanted to go to a restaurant called Tosca, which just so happened to be owned by Bono (lead singer of U2)’s brother.