Orochon “Special #2” Revisited | Round 2…FIGHT!

My date with the Orochon Challenge(aka: “Special #2”) came quicker than anticipated. After some convincing from Luis Castro, friend, foodie and latest conqueror of the Orochon challenge, I decided that I was ready to attempt the “Spicy” Ramen to prove to myself that I could tolerate the ultimate in spice and heat.

Are You Ready to take the Orochon Challenge?

Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo is situated on the third floor of (what I imagine) a building that would fit in perfectly in modern day Tokyo. Banners, neon lights, and other advertisements catch your eye as you enter the plaza from the street. Besides hosting an assortment of restaurants ranging from sushi, ramen (duh), to Japanese baked goods and a truly authentic Japanese mini-mart, which is complete with cute animal caricatures and rice cookers prominently displayed in the front windows.