Hawaii in Hermosa Beach| Serving up the flavors of the Islands….Spam Musubi Anyone?

Maui Rose has become the local haven and grub stop for Hermosa residents for the past 6 years. Feeding everyone from Surfers to business people in the South-bay, fans of Maui Rose have been loyal and keep coming back for more. I have been doing just that since I discovered this Hermosa gem a few months back.

BottleRock:Charcuterie and so much more|Downtown Los Angeles

Lofts on 11th between Hope and Flower, Bottle Rock pays homage to a New York State of mind right here in Los Angeles with its lofty interior space. The talented culinary team is led by veteran chef, Jared Levy(formerly of Providence) and the nice sized menu has something for everyone; from a Roasted Half Young Chicken to the Pork Belly Risotto. Bottle Rock also boasts its own “beverage strategist”, Alex Macy who works along with the chefs to pair beer and wine selections to your meal matching each ingredient note for note.

Homegirl cafe: where heart meets soul

Homegirl cafe and Homeboy bakery truly capture the heart and soul of Los Angeles. Unlike most other restaurants that are strictly brick and mortar institutions serving some genre of cuisine coupled with a themed interior space, Homegirl cafe & Homeboy bakery both go way beyond your typical Los Angeles dining experience. It is a restaurant, bakery, art gallery, and for its employees a second chance to make things right. You can feel its pulse from the moment you walk through the door and are greeted by the hostess to concluding your meal..

Summer BBQ fix at Smokin Steves BBQ joint

On a warm weekday afternoon after some coaxing from my stomach and buds, taste-buds that is, I decided to embark on a BBQ adventure. My journey took me just slightly North of the Los Angeles county line and brought me to Simi Valley to Smokin Steve’s BBQ joint. The old saying is definitely true and “good things are worth the wait.” When I pulled up my nose knew that I was in the right place because the smell of smoked meats engulfed my senses.

Papa Jakes|Phillies Phinest in Beverly Hills

Papa Jake’s began bringing authentic Philly cheese-steaks to the masses in June 1992. Jake Lodish(aka: Papa Jake) started his sub shop because he felt there was a need to bring Phillie’s finest cheese-steaks to the west-coast crowd. There a lots of Philadelphia transplants in Los Angeles who want an authentic taste of home, whenever and wherever when the craving comes. While other shops try to imitate authentic Philly cheese-steaks, Jake’s brings “da real ting”(Mad Lion)

Sandos formerly Portos(El Porto): Homegrown & Green

Portos Surf Cafe opened in its doors in April’ 2008 at the intersection of Rosecrans and Highland on the border of El Porto and Manhattan Beach in the South Bay. Literally, a stones throw from the ocean, Portos serves up tasty, eclectic socially responsible casual grub to its loyal patrons.

Savoring a piece of French Dip History|Philippes Centenial-Los Angeles

After many countless attempts to visit the historic Philippe’s French Dip this past year we finally made it in just in time to celebrate the last days of its landmark centennial year in Los Angeles. Philippe the Original or simply Philippe’s to Angelinos and tourists alike is better known as Philippe’s.

Garage Pizza|November 2008 by Joseph Briscoe

So I had to meet a guy, about a thing, at a place. The spot we chose to rendezvous was an easy location for both of us to find. The place…? Garage Pizza. Good pizza…? Forget about it!

Maria’s Italian Kitchen, Sherman Oaks

Today I decided that I would grab a bite to eat in my old stomping grounds in the San Fernando Valley. After doing some mental research I had a strong feeling for Italian and remembered eating at Maria’s Italian Kitchen numerous times growing up and I never left there hungry. When I hear Maria’s Italian Kitchen the following I immediately think about Fried Calamari, the vast pizza and pasta selections, homemade bread and the Cleopatra salad with Chicken.