Papa Jakes|Phillies Phinest in Beverly Hills


Papa Jake’s began bringing authentic Philly cheese-steaks to the masses in June 1992.  Jake Lodish(aka: Papa Jake) started his sub shop because he felt there was a need to bring Phillie’s finest cheese-steaks to the west-coast crowd. There a lots of Philadelphia transplants in Los Angeles who want an authentic taste of home, whenever and wherever when the craving comes. While other shops try to imitate authentic Philly cheese-steaks, Jake’s brings “da real ting”(Mad Lion)

Papa Jake’s in located caddy corner to Rodeo Drive on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills. On the same bustling block with high end fashions and upper echelon cupcakes from Sprinkles lies this small yet intimate dining treasure.

Before making Papa Jake’s a reality he was consulted by some of the best including Dino’s in Philadelphia. Some things that set Jake’s apart from other imitation and corporate cheese-steak operations is the fact that they bake authentic fresh bread, they cut and cook fresh french fries to order and they use their own family’s secret tuna recipe for the “worlds greatest tuna” sub. These extra steps help bring a tasty and fresh spin to sandwiches and subs.

Jake mentioned to me during my visit that his favorite thing about having a sub shop is interacting with others, talking about things in common, more specifically Philadelphia, food and music. Jake likes being with good people and Papa Jake’s loyal patrons always flock to the establishment to take a break from the daily grind to unwind, enjoy a satisfying meal and to chill.
The crew at Papa Jake’s will even take special requests: When I was in veggie sandwiches were flying out of all directions between the scores of cheese-steaks and Italian special sandwiches and fries. Some of my favorite subs in the mix besides the “Hot & Cold” award wining tuna include the meatball, Italian Special(Italian Cold Cuts), The Spicy Italian(Hot Italian Sausage) and of course the infamous Cheese-steak with the works. If you have a big appetite you will not be disappointed. Combos are available with a 6” version of any sub on the menu, french fries and a soda.

Give Papa Jake’s a taste for yourself. You will not regret the authentic ingredients, fresh food, quick service and atmosphere of Beverly Hills without the pretentious crowd. Did I forget to mention the jamming reggae tunes, well Jake’s has that too.

Papa Jakes Sub Shop
9527 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 276-7823

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