Wine and Dine at Wally’s

Wines of Taylor’s Tayson Pierce label are for every palate who want to taste a bit of heaven while here on earth. He refills glasses with his Premiere Cru Champagne, swiftly changes to the 2017 Rose, jumps to the 2016 Chardonnay while never skimping on the Extra Brut Premier Cru and 2016 Cab, finally, he drops the mic with the Brut Rose Grand Cru.

Feel Good Foods makes its debut with Gluten Free Frozen snacks.

Born out of necessity and her personal struggle finding foods that she was able to eat, Vanessa Phillips started a company that offers gluten free frozen snacks. She started off making gluten free dishes out of her apartment and after teaming up with chef Tryg Siverson, they created a killer gluten free dumpling recipe. And […]

Culina, A Moden Tuscan Masterpiece

The risotto flows like lava from cheese wheel to spoon to hot plate.

The decision to eat dessert is the easiest choice one ever has to make. Black truffle shavings decorate honey gelato and the vanilla cream millefoglie, the Italian version of a French Napoleon. Tiramisu bursts with bold coffee flavors. Its espresso meringue only enhances it. 

Two Bikers Walk into a Redondo Beach Bar

The bartender’s intuition is greater than most. He knows a whiskey novice when he sees one. His hands pull a few more bottles foreign to the men. He receives his pride in teaching. This bartender encompasses Georgia’s neighborly vibe. He makes sure there’s a drink for every type, the pour is heavy, and the price fits anyone’s budget.

Dining in a Celestial Place

Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen in this town. Sicilian restaurants are much more rare. When you find one and it’s not just good, but legendary, it’s a keeper. You wish to spend time with the full menu parade and let it serenade you into ecstasy. You want to chat with the merry chef and his front of the house team that takes full ownership in the restaurant as if it were their own.

The Genesis of Easy’s Easy Life

Easy’s eyes open and she smiles at sunlight through the windows facing the La Cienega side of the Beverly Center. The rays cast perfect FOMO ready lighting on the crawfish paparadelle, beet hummus, cucumber & lox, and McJIB as well as the Raisin Bran infused old fashioned and Kimchi Bloody Mary from breakfast til dinner.

Individuals with the same DNA

I’m a Chaya restaurant virgin. I can’t dip in the past of this restaurant group’s long lineage, but only embrace the present. Chaya Downtown and Chaya Modern Izakaya are individuals though they share the same DNA. Comparing and contrasting the two is irrational. They live and breathe on their own terms.

Meals With Meaning|Brunch tales from The Raymond in Pasadena

Brunch is a meal without formalities. No rhyme or reason on what to order and when. It’s a blend of meal times where you can call the apple fritter donut holes your appetizer. They’re delicate but not fragile or flimsy. The crust has the golden crunch and the full-bodied apple filling is nourishing enough to cleanse the palate, and make one’s appetite grow.

Can I get tots with that?

Burgers. Fries. Shake. These three are the quintessential make up for the perfect meal, it being the one combination of comfort, ease, and simplicity that tends to hit just the right spot when the craving strikes. Rock House Sliders has just landed in Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd and they are here to show Angelenos that Sliders are the Burgers of 2018. Now I know my diehard In-n-Out fans out there that are reading this are probably ready to scroll to the next article, but you guys need to hear me out.

EASY’s Does It. Straight Outta the Beverly Center

These are the treasures from Easy’s, acclaimed restaurateur, Jeremy Fall’s newest manifestation. It’s a major enhancement on the diner that services every tastebud from the ages 0 to 105 (maybe even older).