We have partnered up with the Together We are Stronger campaign curated by local San Pedro Print House and Art Collective CALIMUCHO

We have partnered with local artist Seth “MEEXONE” Wilder from The Love Alone to design these one of a kind “VIVA LA FOODIES” tee shirts for this amazing social change campaign that supports Black Lives Matter and other organizations that support community initiatives.  

Uplifting Noodles

A tiny volcano rests in the middle of Restaurant Row in Beverly Hills. Inside, is Ryu Isobe, a spiritual warrior who practices his culinary craft: soba noodles. He makes sure the humidity in his noodle workstation is adjusted to correct temperatures, the variety of the buckwheat is of the right grind, and the broth is pure.

A Paradise in Pasadena

Citrus is the feast’s theme. The clean-tasting Blood Orange Caprese amuse-bouche does what it’s supposed to do, warm the gut up for the first round: a Grapefruit Avocado Tart and a spread of Citrus Cured Salmon with Finger Lime “Caviar.” Brighter than the stuff in between poppyseed bagels and cream cheese, like sashimi, the mild tang is pleasant to be eaten by itself and doesn’t need to be muted by heavy dairy and carbs. 


Take the Rye Macaroni (made in-house) with fennel sausage, black kale, and ricotta. Fiorelli’s mom cooked him a similar dish when he was little. “She used boxed orecchiette pasta, went to the butcher for the sausage, put in any vegetables we had around, and mixed it with a little Parmesan cheese and olive oil. A staple in Italian American homes.”


Chef Zoë Komarin never needs a magical wand to create a masterpiece. As she sculpts the perfect pita, her eyes take in more details than the average person, her limbs dance to a rhythmic flow of her own beat, her gentle kindness no matter how stressful the environment is the telltale sign she loves what she does and is inherently driven to make this year’s Los Angeles Times Food Bowl the best yet.

Wine and Dine at Wally’s

Wines of Taylor’s Tayson Pierce label are for every palate who want to taste a bit of heaven while here on earth. He refills glasses with his Premiere Cru Champagne, swiftly changes to the 2017 Rose, jumps to the 2016 Chardonnay while never skimping on the Extra Brut Premier Cru and 2016 Cab, finally, he drops the mic with the Brut Rose Grand Cru.

Feel Good Foods makes its debut with Gluten Free Frozen snacks.

Born out of necessity and her personal struggle finding foods that she was able to eat, Vanessa Phillips started a company that offers gluten free frozen snacks. She started off making gluten free dishes out of her apartment and after teaming up with chef Tryg Siverson, they created a killer gluten free dumpling recipe. And […]

Culina, A Moden Tuscan Masterpiece

The risotto flows like lava from cheese wheel to spoon to hot plate.

The decision to eat dessert is the easiest choice one ever has to make. Black truffle shavings decorate honey gelato and the vanilla cream millefoglie, the Italian version of a French Napoleon. Tiramisu bursts with bold coffee flavors. Its espresso meringue only enhances it. 

Two Bikers Walk into a Redondo Beach Bar

The bartender’s intuition is greater than most. He knows a whiskey novice when he sees one. His hands pull a few more bottles foreign to the men. He receives his pride in teaching. This bartender encompasses Georgia’s neighborly vibe. He makes sure there’s a drink for every type, the pour is heavy, and the price fits anyone’s budget.

Dining in a Celestial Place

Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen in this town. Sicilian restaurants are much more rare. When you find one and it’s not just good, but legendary, it’s a keeper. You wish to spend time with the full menu parade and let it serenade you into ecstasy. You want to chat with the merry chef and his front of the house team that takes full ownership in the restaurant as if it were their own.