Check One, Check Two, The Raymond 1886 keeps making Culinary hits

The Raymond 1886, the historic Pasadena restaurant was already at a ten, and now, it’s at an 11. All because of its new east coast culinary power couple: Executive Chef, Jon Hung, and Pastry Chef, Alexa Clark.

Two Bikers Walk into a Redondo Beach Bar

The bartender’s intuition is greater than most. He knows a whiskey novice when he sees one. His hands pull a few more bottles foreign to the men. He receives his pride in teaching. This bartender encompasses Georgia’s neighborly vibe. He makes sure there’s a drink for every type, the pour is heavy, and the price fits anyone’s budget.

The Guest House, a dining retreat is right at HOME in Los Feliz.

The Guest House, a Los Feliz retreat makes its individualistic presence known with a newly crafted dinner menu. Connected to the big brother restaurant, Home, the ambience is intimate and chill without a sense of urgency. There are creatives and proactive worker bees sipping top-notch cappuccinos in front while the outside patios feature amicable reunions, blind online dates, and locals: a modern definition of a communal ambience.

El Tejano does The World Cup 2018 right and scores a GOAL with their Menu

Well it seems that the excitement of soccer has taken over LA and for good reason. And as everyone else did, I got swept up in the excitement of cheering on these teams I knew nothing about. The best way I could think of properly celebrating and cheering on the favored teams was to eat some great food, enjoy some drinks and good company. So I called up my only friend who genuinely loves and actively follows soccer to meet me up for the Nigeria-Croatia game Saturday afternoon. We agreed to meet at El Tejano in North Hollywood and I am so glad that we did.

A Win Win in Valley Village

The focus instantly changed from watching what was on the flat screens to what was on the tables: marinated steak tips on garlic toast with blue cheese, pretzels, deviled eggs, bistro burgers stuffed with Boursin cheese and fries, roasted Shishito peppers, and a pepperoni flatbread. Another table featured peanut butter pie and too-hot-to-eat-yet-you’re-going-to-anyway donut holes.

New Years Eve Prix Fix Menu at The Federal

Georgos Wine saved the night. Georgos Wine always does. The two generous pours in particular were the Mykonos, a Greek Style Pinot Noir, and the Ios, a dry Rose. I don’t know why it’s still taboo for table wine in America to be good, but Georgos is changing that.

The “World Burger Tour Menu” is Back at the Hard Rock Cafe for a limited time.

The blind taste test was a great way to get the conversation going as well as test ones competitive foodie and culinary knowledge of the origins of ingredients as well as regional and international flavors. Each of the 4 burgers sampled had a flag with a corresponding number to allow us to blind-ly guess which burger belongs to a corresponding Hard Rock Cafe global dining destination. Our two person team tasted and even deconstructed each burger to determine what the secret ingredient(s) were to connect the burger to one of eight different cities. There were of course a few wild-cards and curve balls but we managed to match all 4 burgers to their cities and ended up winning a prize from the Hard Rock Cafe. The burgers sampled and their descriptions are listed below:

A Mezcal fueled menu at The Foundry on Melrose

Chef Eric Greenspan and his flagship restaurant, The Foundry in West Hollywood are synonymous for pushing the envelope when it comes to creating trendsetting culinary art with soulful flavors and personality to match. So it was no surprise that the talented Foundry team would embark on a special dinner pairing menu featuring exclusive high-end artisanal Mezcals from Mexico that just got greenlighted for import to the United States.

Experience the 2012 Olympic Games “Go for Gold” cocktail from Wolfgang Puck

In celebration of upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London, WP24 Restaurant and Lounge by Wolfgang Puck at The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles is offering a “Go for Gold” cocktail. This $24 cocktail created by Beverage Director Klaus Puck, features classic English Oxley gin, rosemary from the hotel’s on-site rooftop cocktail garden, lemon and 24K gold flakes. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cocktail will be donated to the Special Olympics non-profit organization. The cocktail will be available July 27 through the end of August.

Nic’s Beverly Hills Goes Poolside for the LA Regional Food Bank

Nic’s owner and founder Larry Nicola has been labeled “The Vodkateur” for his extensive knowledge of this distilled spirit that takes many forms and labels. His 28˚ F VODBOX is known around the world and pays homage to the Kremlin’s “Red Square” where Poolside guests sported custom faux fur coats and matching Trapper’s hats by Hudson Designs