Stone Fire Pizza-Happy Hour of the Month(Sunday Sip)


Today our foodie adventure began when I got the call to do lunch around 2 o’clock this afternoon. I was told that I had one condition and that was to determine where we were going to go. After contemplating various places it came to me all at once. I decided that we would go to Stone Fire Pizza and we would participate in the Weekend Happy Hour Special of 1/2 price gourmet pizza and beer.

Stone Fire Pizza was a perfect candidate for our Saturday/Sunday Sip section because they are one of the few restaurants here in Los Angeles where you can get an ice cold fresh tasting draft by the pint or as a pitcher. It seems like pitchers of beer are few and far between these days but we did not have to worry today as we got our fill at this eclectic watering hole on La Cienega Boulevard.

In addition to both beer and wine specials we enjoyed a sampling of homemade thin crust pizzas from the extensive pizza menu. It is best to order several and try a taste of all that Stone Fire has to offer. Our favorites include the following:

No. 3 Texas BBQ Brisket
Smoked Texas Brisket with Mozzarella, Sliced Jalapenos, Sweet BBQ Sauce and tossed with Crispy Onions

No. 6 The Wheat Garden Tomato(w/ optional Tomato Sauce)
Yellow and Red Tomatoes with Mozzarella, Fresh Herbs and Garlic oil on whole wheat Honey crust

No. 23 Wild Mushroom
Wild Mushrooms, smoked Mozzarella, Fontina cheese, Tomato Sauce and a touch of Truffle Oil

Each pizza was cooked to perfection. We requested that all three pizzas were prepared on optional whole wheat crusts for a healthier more organic approach to balance out the toppings. The service was timely and our glasses never had a chance to sit empty. The pizza stayed hot and the beers in contrast were cold and drafty. A football game was in the distance on the array of flat screen televisions and the Sunday football crowd was heard cheering in the background….”Go Chargers.”

Since we were in a mood for total indulgence we decided that it was one of the few times to order a desert. All of the offerings sounded good so we decided on the Rocky Road Deep Dish Pizza
Deep Dish which uses Cookie Dough as the crust and pecans, chocolate chips and marshmallows for the toppings and it is served a la mode by request. It was as rich and decadent as it sounds, but well worth it.

Check the website for Happy Hour Specials and times and don’t forget to submit to the “design your own pizza” contest. Keep the phone number in your speed dial because you never know when you will need to reserve a table for your next out of town guest. Stop by the Spanish Kitchen across the street by the same owners and you will not be disappointed when you get the craving for your next Mexican Food fix.

829 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 659-8848

Cross Street:
Willoughby Avenue

Daily 11am-4pm, 5pm-2am

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