Zevia: a sweet beverage that is easy on your sweet tooth.


Zevia is definitely my favorite beverage. It is a fairly new product on the health product market. What is beautiful about this particular beverage, is that although it packs a sugary punch for your sweet tooth, it isn’t unhealthy in the way that your average cola on the market is. It is sweetened with Stevia, which is natural, not like many other “alternative” sugar products. In fact, it is known to enhance glucose tolerance, and is safe for those who suffer from Diabetes. I remember long ago trying Stevia and wondering why someone hasn’t marketed it as a soda. I thought maybe some day I would! Well, the smart folks at Zevia have beaten me to the punch, and I must confess I’m somewhat addicted. If you’re trying to wean yourself off of Coke or any other soda on the market that wears out your teeth, I strongly recommend this drink. It is a bit more expensive and harder to find, but you will definitely realize that it’s worthwhile. I know that it is now carried at Whole Foods, and I get it at my favorite neighborhood produce market here in Los Angeles.

Right now, it comes in four flavors: Twist, which is a lemon lime hybrid and works good as a 7 up or Sprite substitute, Natural Orange for all you Fanta lovers, Natural Ginger Root Beer, which easily beats it’s similarly titled rival, and Cola, which kicks Pepsi and Coke’s behind any day. The Cola is also a natural stimulant containing Kola nut, which is from a tree in Western and Central Africa. So you can substitute it for your morning coffee if you’re looking for that “kick.” ( Actually, the cola also contains a bit of coffee.) Instead of using artificial flavorings for the Orange soda, the brilliant makers at Zevia use annatto, from the achiote tree for the coloring, so they could live up to their “all natural” moniker. Please give it a try, you WILL be converted.

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Article courtesy of Jeremy Ferrick our Raw Food Correspondent

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