The 2017 “Masters of Taste” received an Outpouring of Support

The 2nd Annual Masters of Taste event received an outpouring of support from the local foodie community despite the unexpected May shower downpours throughout the day. The luxury food and beverage festival took over the grassy field of the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium this past Sunday, May 7th, 2017 where a 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships went directly to Union Station Homeless Services!

Tribute Fest: Wanted: Dead or Alive for the crime of best music, food and beer

Drink Eat Play has done it again. Turning Santa Clarita into a journey of sound, food and beer. Every band you have ever wanted to see all in one place. For Tribute Fest 2010, they had all their  music bases covered, from the sounds of Sublime, the Beatles, and U2 with Aerosmith in between. These […]

Beer Me! | LA Beer Festival by Drink Eat Play

When you’ve had a few sips, the next thing you most desire are some great tunes and Drink Eat Play did just that. They found the perfect match for their second session of the LA Beer Festival, the Sublime cover band

Stone Fire Pizza-Happy Hour of the Month(Sunday Sip)

Today our foodie adventure began when I got the call to do lunch around 2 o’clock this afternoon. I was told that I had one condition and that was to determine where we were going to go. After contemplating various places it came to me all at once. I decided that we would go to Stone Fire Pizza and we would participate in the Weekend Happy Hour Special of 1/2 price gourmet pizza and beer.

The Stinking Rose-A Garlic Restaurant

We started out this foodie adventure out unexpectedly. We were planning to go to La Cienega’s Restaurant row for some pizza and beer at Stone Fire Pizza Company but when we arrived the doors were closed for a private party. We were slightly disappointed but we regrouped and headed down La Cienega to the Stinking Rose. The mission quickly turned from Pizza to Garlic. It had been sometime since we dined here and we had no problem getting in on a Thursday night.