Beverly Hills 9021PHO keeps cooking its way into new zip codes


By Adam Rubenstein

In a city literally saturated with PHO restaurants with Phuhnny names, LA is saying “What the phuh?”, and where can we get a dose of the best Vietnamese PHO that the city of Angels has to offer. We have seen it all and I am sure you have too when it comes to the fun and playful “PHO” signage combinations all over the city that have put this cheap, simple and flavorful Vietnamese noodle and broth based soup on the map. All restaurants have their own combinations to lour patrons in the doors and all PHO restaurants are not created equal.

That is why we have honed in on LA’s “Golden Child” of PHO; pronounced “Phuh”, originating from Beverly Hills under the artistic direction of acclaimed international Chef Kimmy Tang and executed by her talented culinary team at 9021 PHO. Since opening her first location in the famous zip-code, Celebs have been coming back in droves quicker than a Paparazzi snap shot for a taste of Tang’s PHOnominally fresh cuisine and it’s no surprise that the restaurants expansion is on the rise.

Like the diverse culture of Los Angeles, Vietnamese cooking is also a melting pot of flavors and cuisines and draws influences from French, Chinese and even Indian cultures and its aromatic flavor profile pays homage to its spice trade roots. In a city where other Vietnamese restaurants have experienced a decline in business as a result of economic slowdown, Chef Kimmy Tang and her 9021 Pho concept continues to thrive and expand. They have adopted a farm-to-fork policy since opening and they support their efforts by sourcing quality local ingredients where available, in-house production and the classical cooking techniques that are fundamental in interpreting the nuances of the cuisine.

It is this attention to detail and a vast culinary career that draws on world travel and cooking that has made Kimmy Tang a household name amongst Angelinos and the celebrity scene. Her affordable and healthy cuisine and an emphasis on vegan and vegetarian offerings as flavorful alternatives to their meat, poultry and seafood counterparts keeps guests coming back for more. Her hip rock & roll swagger coupled with her passion for culinary art and her humble demeanor make for great conversation as well. She is no stranger to the kitchen and her over 23 years working in California restaurants and her success from Michelia, a pan-Asian bistro earned her notariety in the Hollywood community. And don’t be shocked or even feel the least bit surprised if you see Sofia Vergara, Kevin Connolly or Mickey Rourke dining at a table near you.

9021 Pho is new serving up its famed cuisine on both the Westside and at its newest location in the Valley in Westlake Village, a stones throw from Calabasas, Agoura and Malibu. Beverly Hills, the original location still keeps things simple and the cozy and comfortable zagat rated location doesn’t serve alcohol but it makes up for this by serving up several refreshing virgin drinks including the Vietnamese Iced Coffee and refreshing home-brewed Lemonade.

When you visit the Beverly Hills location we suggest visiting with a friend or two so you can take full advantage of sampling the tasty dishes. The “grilled beef wrapped vine leaves & the fresh “Spring” rolls are both great hot and cold selections to start with.

The Crispy Fish is another hit under the entree category and stays crunchy till the last bite and the spicy French aioli ads dimension and zing. And if you are just looking for some Pho, the Spicy n’ sour soup is a throwback to Thai Tom Yom soup and is loaded with fresh vegies and seafood. The Westlake location has a fully loaded beer, wine & Sake menu in addition to running beer and wine specials monthly.

When in Westlake we suggest starting with the Vegetarian Pho Chay with Tofu and fresh vegetables and rice noodles in vegetable broth followed up by either the Black Bean Chicken Stir-fry, Sweet Chili Chicken in fried Mu-Shu Wonton crisp or the house special Rainbow Fried Rice if you decide to come with a serious appetite.

During our two part tasting escapade we have come to the realization that 9021 Pho is another one of LA’s trend-setting ethnic restaurants that understands that a restaurant can still provide a fine dining experience without passing on a hefty price-tag to guests looking for affordable, fresh and flavorful Vietnamese cuisine. We look forward to more from 9021 Pho as they continue sprouting more locations throughout the city.

Photography & Video provided by Zach Schueller Photography for Viva LA foodies


Beverly Hills
490 N Beverly Dr,
Beverly Hills CA 90210

30990 Russell Ranch Rd
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Glendale (Coming Soon)

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