Szechuan Impression, Real Chinese Food that leaves a lasting Impression!

Sichuan Impression in Alhambra was the exact meal that I would expect to eat if I had just landed in Chengdu after a 13 hour flight and needed to fully submerge myself in what Chinese food is all about. Here nothing is battered. Nothing is deep fried. There are no non-descript sauces taking away from the texture or flavor of fresh ingredients.

The District by Hannah An, a Dining Destination

Located at the intersection of Food, Fashion and Interior Design in Los Angeles’ most prolific and densely populated design districts, in the shadows of the Beverly Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, lies a not so hidden gem, The District by Hannah An: Merely a brief latte run from Verve Coffee Roasters on Melrose and the high fashion boutiques on famed N. Robertson Boulevard, and a stone’s throw from neighboring A.O.C.


Culinary driven cinema is on the rise and the film community is delivering some great foodie films this summer. The successful and highly anticipated film, CHEF produced by Jon Favreau earned record breaking viewings in theaters and THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY is another great culinary adventure that will continue to bring those same heart-warming sentiments and sizzle back to the box office with its culinary artistry and passionate and compelling story telling.

Bibigo Hot Stone Takes on LA & The World

With over 22 restaurants throughout the world, Bibigo is internationally known for its signature bibimbap and Korean-style tapas dishes. The flagship restaurant recently opened in Beverly Hills in the former Mako Sushi space on South Beverly Drive’s ethnically diverse “Restaurant Row”. Armed with an arsenal of Korean flavors, Bibigo packs a punch and offers small plates, organic teas, freshly made cocktails and many local wines and spirits.

A hidden Thai gem in the Shadows of LAX

Ayara Thai Cuisine is our new favorite Westside Thai bistro and we are quite fortunate for this recent discovery. We were first lured into the flavors of this not so “Far East” Thai eatery at this year’s Los Angeles Times, The Taste event at Paramount Studios over Labor Day weekend and have been coming back for our fix ever since. The best part is that Ayara is centrally located to the beach cities and is only a short stones throw from the newly revamped LAX airport in nearby Westchester.

A Taste of the Far East at Noodle Star

Noodle Star is a hidden gem and a symbol for what a healthy and modern Asian eatery should strive to be. It is conveniently located in Sherman Oaks and in close proximity to Ventura Boulevard and located in the same space as the families former Thai bistro, Lannathai that has been in the family since 1977. Today the restaurant is owned and operated by The Mekpongsatorn brothers, Bo & Ben who are continuing the family tradition of bringing a quality affordable Asian dining experience to the San Fernando Valley. No matter what type of Asian cuisine you fancy Noodle Star has an Asian dish and delight for everyone.

Coupa Café Serves up Gluten Free Venezuelan Cuisine & Coffee in Beverly Hills

Adam Rubenstein from Viva LA Foodies recently spent a day in the kitchen with Coupa Café’s chef and founder Camelia Coupal at the booming Beverly Hills location to find out why this Venezuelan restaurant keep its customers coming back for more than just their daily grind. Slow food with an ethnic twist coupled with organic and fair trade ingredients.

LA Goes Loco for Pink Taco Tuesday

By Adam Rubenstein LA doesn’t need an excuse to eat tacos or does it? Well that depends on who you talk to and if they are a die-hard “Taco Tuesday” fanatic. We recently visited Pink Taco in Century City to get the skinny on their version of “Taco Tuesday” and experience it’s authenticity for ourselves. […]

Beverly Hills 9021PHO keeps cooking its way into new zip codes

We have seen it all and I am sure you have too when it comes to the fun and playful “PHO” signage combinations all over the city that have put this cheap, simple and flavorful Vietnamese noodle and broth based soup on the map. All restaurants have their own combinations to lour patrons in the doors and all PHO restaurants are not created equal.

Who needs Nunchucks when you have $100 Lobster Egg-rolls as weapons of Mass Consumption

Chef Jack Lee uses food to tell a story, to represent how his clients feel and to personify who they are through his experience of them. He takes these experiences and translates them onto the plate. A few years ago Jack went through jaw surgery where he lost his sense of taste. Jack was not going to go down without a fight and wasn’t going to let this get the best of him. It took him a year and a half to recover his sense of taste and retrain his palate. During his recovery he came up with the idea of his 6th tasting collection called “My True Colors” where he used food and colors to describe his thoughts and feelings through his toughest period after his surgery and his journey back to the culinary world.