David Wolfe at Erewhon, 9/21/08


I learned some health food secrets from David Wolfe when he spoke at Erewhon, and I feel like I just can’t keep it to myself. For those of you who don’t know about David, he is one of the most charismatic catalysts in the raw foods movement. He talked about the Erewhon store on Beverly Blvd. with extreme reverence, categorizing it as the store that other health food establishments spy on to learn their secrets.
He took a crowd of a few dozen or us or so to the produce section and picked up an apple. At one point he held it up to his heart and told us the merits of this particular fruit, which possesses leitril, a cancer fighting agent, and declared that you should eat the whole apple, even the seeds, which also help to fight cancer.
He dove into various subjects, anything from feeding broccoli to your dog, using beet to cleanse your liver, and the woes of iodized salt, describing with horror about passing the salt factories in Chicago where the buildings were these dirty warehouses filled with the stuff, and how toxic it is.
And did you know that Black radishes are liver cleansing, and if you’re getting your greens that’s all the calcium you need?
And that spinach is great for your lungs and you shouldn’t worry about overdosing on oxalic acid?
He regaled us with stories about old medicine shaman types in the amazon who told him that cacao bark soaked in water for 24 hours could produce a solution that could cure male pattern baldness! And about the time when he was starting out as a raw foodist and his group of friends would snag lettuce that wasn’t wanted from a health food store and make lettuce juice.
Lettuce actually is an opiate, by the way, so apparently lettuce juice has a calming quality. He compared it to drinking brews in a pub. So sometime we’ll have to have to watch the game and drink some lettuce brew.

Article courtesy of Jeremy Ferrick our Raw Food Correspondent
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