Kelly Keough’s Uncooking class: episode 2: Making Food a Celebration of Life


Alright all you rawsome foodies out there. If you haven’t been to Kelly’s class yet, there’s a new opportunity to join her the next few Sundays at Real Raw Live on 5913 W. Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. Her classes are quite affordable when compared to other Raw Culinary classes. Kelly’s classes are currently being priced at $20 for one class, or a package of 3 for $50. The education and inspiration that you acquire from watching and listening to Kelly prepare her sumptuously sexy edibles is worth the price of admission alone. Of course the opportunity to sample the wares is a sweetly savored experience also!
Kelly’s philosophy about food is fairly straight forward,” My creations have to taste good, and they should look gourmet or else you’re not going to eat it.” She doesn’t believe healthy food should be something you have to suffer through, rather a “great celebration.” She added, “If it’s not fun, you’re not going to do it.” I can relate with that! A group of us met up with her to taste some of her delicacies and take in her positive, healing spirit.
“I’m trying to create a series of classes that nourishes the healthy lifestyle and creates community,” She said at the beginning of the class, “By making it affordable, and showing you how to do it yourself, This class actually builds your culinary skills and taste palate to be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest. We are the impetus of this new pioneering idea and creativity here in Franklin Hills, at Real Raw Live. This is a new group. Hopefully, we’ll spread and we’ll be doing some great things.”
Well, I know for sure one of the great things she was talking about were her delicious Hemp Balls, which she originally called “Fudgits” when she was first developing them. Kelly is a self-described sugar addict. I’m glad she’s been able to whip up some nice alternatives, because I’m one too- or maybe now, an erythritol addict, since I’ve been newly enlightened now! (Erythritol or ZSweet is a newer sugar substitute on the market that Kelly encourages us all to try, along with Stevia, Swerve, and Agave, which she recommends using more sparingly..) She believes that combining sugar substitutes properly is the best way to fully bring out a sweet taste in whatever you’re “uncooking.”
The special thing about her products is that because of the heavy dose of nutrient content that you’re getting, even though it tastes like a desert, it’s practically a meal in itself. “These Hemp Balls are dear to my heart,” she says as the class is scarfing them down in effortless indulgence.
“They’ve transformed, like a butterfly over the last four years,” which was when she began creating them, in an effort to come up with something that would replace the other junk foods she was eating to satisfy her sugar cravings. “It’s all about NOT suppressing what you love- the more you start giving yourself what you love, the more love comes into your life.” I’ll have another Hemp Ball, than, Thank you very much!
To wash down the Hemp Balls, or Fudgits, she blended up one of the best smoothies available on planet earth and I’ll tell you why: It combines what she describes as a “great combo for a total elixir of well being,” cacao, which has a muscly supply of polyphenols, and Hawaiian Spirulina, which boasts Iron, and the highest protein content from chlorophyll available. Cool thing about Iron, it helps curb sugar craving. So you’re curing your sugar craving, and curbing it at the same time. Iodine, which is in Sea Vegetables, does that too, according to Kelly. People were wide-eyed when she stuck in the spinach, but we somehow trusted that it would taste fine, and we certainly weren’t disappointed! After 2 Hemp Balls and a small smoothie I was full for several hours. In fact, I found myself having to run extra couple miles that night to drain my body of the extra energy that I was feeling!
Article courtesy of Jeremy Ferrick our Raw Food Correspondent
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