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Adam Rubenstein CrepeNaround by Suzie Morales
CrepenAround_truck by suzie morales for united Zoo Studios
Truck Name: Crepe’n Around Truck
Truck Specialty:
The Crepe’n Around truck does not mess around. With an extensive menu of crepes with exciting fillings ranging from savory to sweet there is plenty of variety to satisfy your deepest crepe craving.
garden vegi crepe from crepe'naround by suzie morales for united zoo studios
Truck Mission/About:
crepe'n around truck by Rich Allen Photography
Los Angeles now has a Creperie on wheels. With a whole new breed of these portable handheld morsels, burritos beware, ‘cuz there is a new street-food item “creepin on a come up”. A rolled masterpiece that has been a French staple is now being served in a great new way in LA.
Crepenaround group on truck by suzie morales with united zoo studios
Truck operators & Team:
Eileen De Leoz(owner)
Jamie Radzik(owner)
Joann De Leoz(co-owner-not pictured)
crepe'n around crew by rich allen photography
Payment: cash only
Truck neighborhood coverage:
San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Eagle Rock, Downtown, West La, Santa Monica/Venice and Crepe’N to a neighborhood near you.
Menu breakdown: Likes, must haves, etc…
crepe'n around menu by Rich Allen Photography

Roasted vegetable
Eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, mixed greens, balsamic reduction, crumbled blue

Maple Braised Pork
Maple Braised Pork, apple chutney, toasted walnuts, mixed greens, honey-Dijon sauce

maple braised pork crepe
Teriyaki flank steak
Seared flank steak, pepper Jack, mixed greens, red onions, wonton crisps and terriyaki sauce

crepe'n around crew and
S’more crepe
Chocolate sauce, marshmallows, Graham crackers, powdered sugar, whipped cream

smore crepe from crepe'around truck
Customization available upon request! Just ask and ye shall receive!
Garlic fries
crepen around garlic fries
Average item price: $4-6
Truck contact info:
crepe'n around contact info
Facebook: follow Crepe’n Around on facebook/crepenaround
Private events:
Available for catering and movie set catering. Contact Crepe’n Around for more info
creperie on wheels in Los Angeles
Strangest question asked:
A customer ordered a chicken pesto crepe, hold the chicken!
Special Thanks:
vivalafoodies Adam Rubenstein enjoying a mouthful of crepe'n around goodness
Tlofts in West LA for having the Crepe’n Around truck down for our tasting and photoshoot. I would like to thank both of our photographers for their “Food Truck Paparrazzi.” Richard Allen for Sagittarian-Images and Suzie Morales from United Zoo Studios for providing a birds-eye view into this mobile LA Creperie.
crepenaround truck by suzie morales for united zoo studios
crepe'n around truck shot by Rich Allen Photography

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