The Stinking Rose-A Garlic Restaurant


We started out this foodie adventure out unexpectedly.  We were planning to go to La Cienega’s Restaurant row for some pizza and beer at Stone Fire Pizza Company but when we arrived the doors were closed for a private party.  We were slightly disappointed but we regrouped and headed down La Cienega to the Stinking Rose.  The mission quickly turned from Pizza to Garlic.  It had been sometime since we dined here and we had no problem getting in on a Thursday night.

Our server Stephen L. was amazing and provided us with tremendous insight to the dishes and impeccable service.  Everything that we ordered came out lightning fast and our palettes and our stomach thank him. We started out with a pitcher of Anchor Steam beer as a perfect compliment to the garlic.  The bitter hoppy taste provided a wonderful contrast.  The three of us opted to order everything family style so we could mix as many Garlic flavors as we could.  We started with an order of Bagna Calda (Garlic Soaking in a hot tub).  This selection is served in an iron skillet tableside and is paired with house baked Focaccia bread.  We made little garlic sandwiches and also integrated the house garlic pesto mixture with the roasted garlic cloves to create an extreme garlic flavor.  Next we ordered the large Sizzling Iron Skillet of Roasted Mussels.  This was truly a unique preparation and I was glad that we decided on this selection.  The platter was enough for 3 and we were able to add the tasty mussels to our garlic sandwiches.  The garlic, mussels and butter were simply amazing.  I shared the Louisiana Shrimp in Garlic tomato broth with Marissa and the broth provided a mild garlic flavor that was soothing.  Our friend Brian ordered the Gnocchetti with Garlic Gorgonzola, asparagus and toasted pine nuts and he summed up the dish as “Creamy bodacious”.  I was able to sample a few bites and I agree.  Despite the robustness of the dishes we still had room for desert.  We decided to take our deserts to go and the staff served both the Chocolate Cake and Rum Cake in to go containers along with vanilla bean ice cream.  We all left extremely satisfied and we will definitely go back once we sweat out the Garlic from our systems.  If you need a garlic and/or seafood fix this is the place.  You will surely keep the vampires away.

The Stinking Rose
55 North La Cienega Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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