Bun & Blanket


“Dive into the heart of Los Angeles with supermodel Kiara Jones as she uncovers the city’s hidden gems, featuring a visit to one of the coolest breweries around, Paperback, and the uniquely delightful Korean/Mexican/American fusion food truck, Bun & Blanket. Experience the vibrant fusion of cultures and tastes, where Paperback Brewery elevates the art of beer crafting by infusing their creations with the electrifying energy of pop art aesthetics. Each sip tells a story, painting a picture of Southern California’s eclectic spirit.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Right outside, Bun & Blanket awaits, a fusion food truck that’s stirring up the culinary scene with its innovative blend of flavors. Watch as Kiara samples an array of dishes that are as bold and diverse as LA itself, from spicy Korean tacos to hearty American classics, all with a Mexican twist.

Join Kiara on this flavorful journey through LA’s bustling streets, where the art of brewing meets the art of cooking in the most extraordinary way. It’s an exploration of taste, culture, and creativity that promises to leave beer enthusiasts and foodies alike craving for more.”

In the kitchen with Kiara Jones coming soon : stay tuned for the behind the scenes 1 on 1 culinary experience

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