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With over 22 restaurants throughout the world, Bibigo is internationally known for its signature bibimbap and Korean-style tapas dishes. The flagship restaurant recently opened in Beverly Hills in the former Mako Sushi space on South Beverly Drive’s ethnically diverse “Restaurant Row”. Armed with an arsenal of Korean flavors, Bibigo packs a punch and offers small plates, organic teas, freshly made cocktails and many local wines and spirits.

The Beverly Hills location is the second LA location and sister to the Westwood Village location that recently opened and the space has its very own test kitchen that is used to demo new products for their own Bibigo-branded foods line.

According to “Expansion Wire”, a well established online site for the hospitality industry, Bibigo’s management is currently scouting spaces around LA for more restaurants to open later this year.”

A PSY of relief
If it’s good enough for Korean music & viral music sensation PSY, of the hit single “Gangnam Style” than it’s good enough for me.

When Psy is taking a break from performing he frequently visits the flagship Beverly Hills location to dose up on their authentic Korean food in Beverly Hills 90210. Psy’s favorite dish is the bibimbap, and he gets it all of the time.

The Hot stone concept:

Besides Korean mainstream staples such as Bulgogi and Kimchi, guests can order a standard hot-stone signature bibimbap or create their own with fixings such as shrimp, chicken, beef, spicy pork, black pearl rice, an assortment of sauces, tofu, gobo and kimchi.

“Tea time anyone?” Not your mad hatters tea room but enough tea combinations for a mad scientist to go mad. Safe bets are the South African Riobious and the Jasmine Green tea that are served in an endless modern clear glass tea kettle.

The Menu: Food

As part of the updated menu, Bibigo Beverly Hills now offers local diners a wide variety of appetizers, such as lightly battered and fried calamari, fig and avocado salad, and spicy pork ribs just to name a few. We dabbled in a tasting menu during our recent visit and have selected the following dishes as our favorites and know you will enjoy them too.

The Green Tacos

The Seafood Pancake

The Kimchi Sampler

Bibigo is currently expanding throughout the world and is on a mission to not only serve high quality food, but also educate the masses and introduce people to contemporary variations of traditional Korean dishes. When you’re in the area and need your Korean fix, stop by Bibigo Beverly Hills to get a taste of Korea. Download the complete menu here and experience in house dining and takeout from Bibigo

Bibigo Beverly Hills
225 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 275-0011

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