Shintaro Sushi Hollywood


Last nights foodie adventure began at the intersection of sushi and craving. The group of us piled in the car and headed out on a quest of another not so well known sushi bar in Los Angeles. We have been trying different Sushi restaurants over the past 6 months that serve quality, gourmet, fresh and fusion items but also provide a good atmosphere and vibe along with easy accessibility and various neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

After a recommendation from fellow foodie and friend Tina Paredes we proceeded to Shintaro Sushi in Hollywood (on Highland just north of Franklin Avenue). She had been there several times before and we were all excited to try another local sushi venue.

I had driven by the non descript strip mall location many times before on my numerous journeys to both the Hollywood Bowl and the 101 freeway entrance at Highland but never thought much of venturing to this hidden treasure. I am sure grateful that I had the opportunity this time because I had been missing out.

The spacious Japanese inspired interior has a lofty/industrial vibe fused with traditional Japanese art and décor. Bamboo accents highlight the space and lounge music plays in the background. Our party consisting of 4 was seated immediately to a large table with bench seating on side. It felt like the entire restaurant was our Oyster, parden the pun but I am enthusiastic about my indulgence in all things culinary moreover the delicacies from the sea.

After a quick glance at the menu I was ready to have a beer and unwind from the day and so was the group. To my surprise I noticed that pitchers of Kirin Draft were available for the amazing price of $10. That translates to $2.50 cents per beer and that means that you can get more beer for your buck. That is a welcoming sign considering any savings is welcomed these days.

While we waited for our beverages we all looked over the menu and ordered family style sushi rolls along with a few choice pieces of nigiri sushi. Additionally we all ordered various Miso Soups included a house special “Shrimp Miso” I have had fusion Miso soup before of the clam variety, but shrimp miso was something new and interesting considering my infatuation with shrimp and lobster bisque. To my surprise the bowl of soup accompanied a huge “Santa Barbara Prawn” loaded with bright red roe. The soup had a nice miso texture coupled with a savory seafood broth. I had a smile on my face with every bite until it was gone.

For our main course rolls we ordered some unique rolls including house specials such as the Cowboy roll, Hot night roll, Double Shrimp roll, spicy tuna and crispy rice. In addition we enjoyed the Eel avocado wrapped California roll, spicy tuna roll and California roll. The choice nigiri selections that I ordered included Ahi tuna, spicy Scallop and Octopus. Everything was prepared to my liking with good-sized portions that were not too overwhelming. Plate presentation was top notch. The Cowboy roll is made with spicy tempura lobster, asparagus and avocado and served with a chili sesame sauce and is a unique offering. The Hot night roll is a variant of the shrimp tempura roll and includes spicy tuna on top. A similar creation is the Double shrimp roll with chopped shrimp in spicy mayo on the outside and warm shrimp tempura inside.

All of these selections illustrated the artistry behind the Sushi Chefs at Shintaro, Hollywood. The next time you want to venture out of your area for a sushi buzz Shintaro is the place. Traditional entrees for the non-sushi inclined guest include Rib Eye steak Teriyaki, Baked Black Cod, Udon, Tempura and various baked appetizers from seafood to vegetables.

Shintaro Sushi
1900 N Highland Ave Ste 5
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: (323) 882-6524

Mon-Fri 11:30am-2: 30pm, 5:30pm-11pm,
Sat 5:30pm-11pm
Closed on Sunday

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