Celebrating Chef Trotter’s Food and Wine Legacy



In memoriam of the late and great chef, Charlie Trotter.

It was at a Christie’s auction last December that the world had a glimpse of the phenomenal chef Charlie Trotter’s own wine collection. Named “The Magnificent Cellar of Charlie Trotter’s”, this wide selection of wines acquired through the years, was sold for almost a million dollars; highlighting the appeal that wine collecting has.


Collecting wines have always been associated with affluence and sophistication, and seems to intimidate enthusiasts from investing on a set of their own. But having the determination and the right budget goes a long way. Chris Murphy, head of procurement at M&S Wine , says collecting is all about the rare bottles you find, “it’s certainly not about paying more money; it’s about a tangible difference in quality and discovering something new.” Doing proper research and knowing what you buy let’s you make the right choices for your investment.


At Charlie Trotter’s, his progressive cooking and his bold wine pairings are setting the standards for first-class restaurant dining. The Forbes Five Star award winning restaurant, and the winner of 11 James Beard Foundation honors, boasts a collection of over 1,800 wines from different regions around the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and South Africa. In fact, it’s been named by Wine Spectator as ‘The Best Restaurant in the World for Wine & Food’ and by Wine Enthusiast as ‘America’s Best Wine Driven Restaurant’.


Aside from his restaurant ventures, Chef Trotter focused on providing education to individuals wanting to build a career in the culinary industry. He is the recipient of various culinary awards and philanthropic honors, including his work with his very own charity, the Culinary Education Foundation. Chef Trotter’s altruism and his contribution to the food and wine industry isn’t going to be tucked away in the cellars, but is for the world to feast on for a long while.

Our condolences are with Charlie Trotter’s family and we know his legacy will live on.

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