The Holy Trinity in Downtown LA


Nestled in the Avantgarde section of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District lies the cities newest Cajun and Creole eatery simply dubbed NOLA’s; a name interpreted in shorthand as an ode to its culinary roots in New Orleans, Louisiana. Situated next to K-Town BBQ & Zip Fusion Sushi and set in the foreground of Little Tokyo, NOLA’s and its ethnic cuisine neighbors have created their own Restaurant Row with some great views of LA’s dynamic and famous “Street-Art” murals that include a head-on-view of “Cream of the Crop“, a piece recently completed by the Melbourne, Australia graffiti team duo, Dabs and Myla.

An abundance of other famous mural art is all around the neighborhood including art from Shepard Fairey, Revok, and a “Guernica-esque” mural from New York street artists How and Nosm. NOLA’s Live jazz music with Curtis Parry and other musicians shed some soulful notes to the late night happy hour menu that has awakened this one time sleepy section of the Downtown LA Historic Arts District.

The Nola’s team under the culinary direction of Chef Edric Ocampo and restaurateur Jason Ha sure know how to get down on it; New Orleans Cuisine that is. These veterans of the restaurant and hospitality business are a dynamic duo and they know that guests today are looking for more than just a dining experience. They have built a menu that provides not only value but an abundance of food, vibes and atmosphere.

The expansive menu is built around the idea of regional comfort food and upon arrival guests are treated with Southern Hospitality with miniature Cornbread muffins served alongside Nola’s own cinnamon butter. Cornmeal battered Fried chicken, Mac and Cheese with Smoked Gouda, Seafood Gumbo with homemade Andouille sausage, the extra-large NOLA burger and the mixed Po’boy sandwich were some of our favorite dishes that showcase the range of traditional Cajun and Creole menu offerings that are reminiscent of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street.

The next time you venture Downtown and are looking to savor a little taste of the Dirty South in LA, Nola’s has you covered and you can get your dose of Soulfood delights morning, noon and night. Look for something very exciting from the Nola’s team during the first art-walk of the new year in January 2012. Nola’s is the place to be in the eclectic Arts District.

Special Thanks to Rico Mandel Photography,The Culinary Image & Miz En Place Marketing for the wonderful art direction and culinary imagery.

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