Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts, a perfect addition to your summer BBQ

Me and my buddy Adam did a story recently about Danny Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood and we both became intrigued about the donut and coffee and shop he opened a few months back on Santa Monica and Highland.

The Golden State of Cocktails is Coming to LA!

Save the date! It’s going to be the marriage of the year! On Sunday, January 27, 2013, an event was held atop the famed LA Times Building downtown, where a conglomerate of LA’s finest cocktail aficionados, coupled with California’s top restaurateurs and mixology mavens, announced a date to unveil the “Three Day Conference and Celebration […]

Great Balls on Tires | Street Food LA:Food Truck Profile

We had the pleasure of having a VIP pass to CENTRAL S.A.P.C in Santa Monica for the inaugural “Meatball Mondays” with one of Los Angeles’es newest Gastro-trucks: “Great Balls On Tires. Central worked with GBOT to develop beer pairings and made this option available inside the bar from 5-9pm.

Secrets of the Underground | Chef Amy’s California Adventure

Similar to Disney’s concept for California Adventures, Chef Amy Jurist created a California adventure of her own with her latest underground dinner, the Bounty of California. From aesthetics to the ingredients themselves she captured the uniqueness and individuality housed in California. Here is a recap of a dinner that takes you from the hills of […]

Happy Festivus everyone! Festivus for the rest of us!!

Our friends at Drink:Eat:Play are up to it again. This time it’s an 80’s Inspired Festivus Party benefiting animals in need and the SPCA LA chapter just in time for the holiday’s.

Stone Fire Pizza-Happy Hour of the Month(Sunday Sip)

Today our foodie adventure began when I got the call to do lunch around 2 o’clock this afternoon. I was told that I had one condition and that was to determine where we were going to go. After contemplating various places it came to me all at once. I decided that we would go to Stone Fire Pizza and we would participate in the Weekend Happy Hour Special of 1/2 price gourmet pizza and beer.

The Italian Feast of San Gennaro|Los Angeles

This weekend we attended the 7th Annual Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles in Hollywood. This event is brought to Los Angles each year by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla and various food and drink sponsors and was located below Hollywood Boulevard behind the El Capitan theater.

The Palace-Authentic Chinese Cuisine-Los Feliz

So it’s Friday night and you can’t decide what to eat. You get a call from your friends and they say they are going for Chinese and they ask if you are down. We say most definitely and where to? They say come check out this great Chinese restaurant in Los Feliz called The Palace. […]

The Stinking Rose-A Garlic Restaurant

We started out this foodie adventure out unexpectedly. We were planning to go to La Cienega’s Restaurant row for some pizza and beer at Stone Fire Pizza Company but when we arrived the doors were closed for a private party. We were slightly disappointed but we regrouped and headed down La Cienega to the Stinking Rose. The mission quickly turned from Pizza to Garlic. It had been sometime since we dined here and we had no problem getting in on a Thursday night.

La Comida Latina de Elba Merino

The following food review captures the passion for cooking that embodies Elba Merino a close personal friend and family member. She is a hobbyist cook who should have her own restaurant and is a wonder in the kitchen. For her anywhere is a kitchen; the barbeque pit in the backyard with pots and pans or the stovetop range.