Captain Crunch’in my way through the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

30 plus booths featuring some typical festival fare and some more innovative ones. Some dishes featured lobster as a main ingredient while others had nothing to do with lobster. Los Angeles Radio station 95.5 KLOS pumped in tunes and kept things groovy with classic and modern rock. Ocean mist was felt in the air as well as sand in between toes.

Lobsterfest in Long Beach|Feast or Famine

Sierra Nevada was there offering two draft selections: The Blonde and the Pale Ale. Both were refreshing, but the Blonde complimented the buttery and rich texture of a Maine Lobster. The best part of all of the vendor selections was the Roasted Corn provided by Taj’s Roasted Sweet Corn. A bountiful selection of condiments at the “build your own ear of corn” bar provided all accompaniments ranging from mayo to chili con limon, lemon pepper and queso fresco.