You Spin me ‘Round “The World In 80 sips”

From Figs and fog(Humbolt that is) Cheese and Wine showcased the best of the best. From the Nappa Valley, Austrailia, New Zealand, France and the Middle East, there was a flavor and a vintage for everyone. 30 somethings have refined pallates and we can say hands down that Bottlenotes and it’s “80 Sips” events have been great success and will be around for years to come.

Cupcake Challenge| Old Fashioned Sugar Overloaded Fun

It was a war of the pastries and drink:eat:play challenged Los Angeles’ top bakeries and cupcake boutiques to a battle to determine who would win the best cupcake in LA. The staging area was the Rennaisance Hollywood Hotel and the scene was straight out of willy wonka with the excepion of a wandering Nesquik masqot that took the place of umpa-lumpas although meager in comparison.

We Came, We Served, We Saw, We Drank @ The International Wine Fest

Last Saturday’s wine festival was quite a special event. Not only were international wines represented, but VivaLAfoodies had a chance to debut a taste of what is to come in 2010 with VivaLAcatering and events.

Septemberfest | Fun times with small mugs

With over 100 brews on tap and unlimited pours I had a hard time keeping my souvenir tasting mug empty. From the moment we all entered we were inundated by micro-brews from the continental US as well as some international showings from our neighbors to the South and Europe.