The Holy Trinity in Downtown LA

Nestled in the Avant-garde section of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts district lies the cities newest Cajun and Creole eatery simply dubbed NOLA’s; a name interpreted in shorthand as an ode to its culinary roots in New Orleans, Louisiana. Situated next to K-Town BBQ & Zip Fusion Sushi and set in the foreground of Little Tokyo, NOLA’s and its ethnic cuisine neighbors have created their own Restaurant Row with some great views of LA’s dynamic and famous “Street-Art” murals that include a head-on-view of “Cream of the Crop”, a piece recently completed by the Melbourne, Australia graffiti team duo, Dabs and Myla.

Reggae Chicken|Street Food LA:Food Truck Profile

Bringing a taste of Jamaica to Angelinos. From Jerk chicken plates to island themed stuffed burritos, Reggae Chicken has something for everyone from vegetarians to meat eaters and all we have to say is one bite will make you feel irie and after two bites you will be “JAMMIN”