Cupcake Challenge| Old Fashioned Sugar Overloaded Fun

It was a war of the pastries and drink:eat:play challenged Los Angeles’ top bakeries and cupcake boutiques to a battle to determine who would win the best cupcake in LA. The staging area was the Rennaisance Hollywood Hotel and the scene was straight out of willy wonka with the excepion of a wandering Nesquik masqot that took the place of umpa-lumpas although meager in comparison.

LA Cupcake Challenge|Drink:Eat:Play |Guaranteed to be a sweet time

Another great food event is right around the corner. The Los Angeles edition of the Cupcake Challenge is being put on courtesy of our friends at Drink:Eat:Play. Please view the press release below for more information including a link to purchase tickets online. Bring your sweet tooth because it is going to be a sweet time.