The Greatest Juice Ever Sold-{POM Wonderful} Sweepstakes

At a time when being health conscious is a part of everyday life we sometimes get “lost in translation” when it comes to reading grocery labels and fancy packaging on some of our favorite beverage products and end of consuming far more sugar and calories than we had imagined as well as a lower quality product. This is namely due to the power of advertising and its ability to alter our perceptions. If we can pick up a product and read its label, we are more likely to purchase it even though it may have sub-standard ingredients compared to its competitors product(s).

The following exclusive movie clip from the new documentary “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” illustrates the importance of reading labels even when it comes to purchasing the simplest of beverage products and how we should not be fooled by the packaging.

In the clip, Director Morgan Spurlock(from Super Size Me) explains that a 59oz bottle of Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry juice contains less than one tablespoon of real pomegranate juice. According to Morgan, it is time to “Get Real” and enjoy the healthy properties of POM Wonderful’s 100% real pomegranate juice!

In celebration of its sponsorship of the movie release, POM is hosting the Greatest Sweepstakes Ever Held! You can enter now for a chance to win a Red Carpet Home Screening Party with Morgan Spurlock and 35 of your closest friends plus a Sony 3-D HDTV, a 3 year lease on a POM Mini Cooper, and more.

As an added bonus, the first 3 VivaLAfoodies readers to comment on the post will each win 1 (16 oz). bottle of POM Wonderful Juice. Remember to Drink Responsibly. POM also makes a great cocktail mixer as well as a cooking ingredient for sauces and dressings. Take our word for it!

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