Skate to Live+Skate to Give= SKATE-4-LIFE

Recently, we had the privilege of attending “Sk8-4-Life” presented by the Rob Dyrdek Foundation at Rob’s own “Fantasy Factory” here in Downtown Los Angeles. This exclusive ticket entitled us to a day of play at the Fantasy Factory that included zip-line rides, portraits with Rob’s bulldogs(Beefy and Meaty), live concert performances from the likes of Travis Barker and an all you can eat grub-fest. Think Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory meets the X-games and this will give you an idea of how extreme the event was. The best part of it was that all money and donations benefited the Variety Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Club of the L.A. Harbor so that under-privelidged children would be able to skate safely on donor boards and state of the art neighborhood skate-parks. Now that’s what you call charity.