Who needs Nunchucks when you have $100 Lobster Egg-rolls as weapons of Mass Consumption

Chef Jack Lee uses food to tell a story, to represent how his clients feel and to personify who they are through his experience of them. He takes these experiences and translates them onto the plate. A few years ago Jack went through jaw surgery where he lost his sense of taste. Jack was not going to go down without a fight and wasn’t going to let this get the best of him. It took him a year and a half to recover his sense of taste and retrain his palate. During his recovery he came up with the idea of his 6th tasting collection called “My True Colors” where he used food and colors to describe his thoughts and feelings through his toughest period after his surgery and his journey back to the culinary world.

The making of the $100 Egg Roll

Chef Jack Lee presents the making of his “$100 Egg Roll” paired with Dom Pérignon champagne to Adam Rubenstein & Rico Mandel from VivaLAfoodies.com & Mizenplace. Filmed by Amelia Yokel at a private Beverly Hills Estate. Read the complete story!

Saddle Peak Lodge “the Saturday SIP” at Cielo’s Outdoor Winebar

Every little thing “saddle peak lodge” does is magic. The location is both rustic and majestic and the menu offers an escape from some of the ordinary California Cuisine that most Angelinos are accustomed too. Since everyone needs an excuse to participate in a Saturday “SIP”, why not spend your Saturday with Cielo Farms and the Saddle Peak Lodge. That is literally like “killing 2 birds with one stone.”

“Forever Stoked” about the Wine, Waves and Beyond Festival

Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending, A taste of the Central Coast; “A dinner preface to the Wine, Waves and Beyond Festival” that takes place in San
Luis Obispo County in early June of this year.