EX to the HIBIT “X” invades the Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk

The success of the event sparked so much interest that event producers Seth “Meex” Wilder, Mike “June 22” Ziobrowski and myself, Adam “LA Foodie” Rubenstein from VivaLAfoodies have decided that the foundation and back-bone is strong for many more “X is The Weapon” collaborative events that will “pop up” throughout the Los Angeles area from Venice Beach to Downtown Los Angeles.

Tribute Fest: Wanted: Dead or Alive for the crime of best music, food and beer

Drink Eat Play has done it again. Turning Santa Clarita into a journey of sound, food and beer. Every band you have ever wanted to see all in one place. For Tribute Fest 2010, they had all their  music bases covered, from the sounds of Sublime, the Beatles, and U2 with Aerosmith in between. These […]