Personal Chef Services

Catered Events by Viva LA Foodies

Personal Chef Services Available:

We take on the task of providing gourmet meals in your own home or venue. Big or small we cater them all.

Viva LA Foodies Catering & Personal Chef Services makes it easy on you by providing delicious, healthy gourmet meals directly into your home at a cost comparable to restaurant food. Our team will customize menus to your specifications; provide the freshest produce, meats and seafood available. Whether you are a vegetarian, are on a special diet, have food allergies or just appreciate the best in dining pleasure, we will shop for your groceries and come to your home or venue site with our own tools and equipment and we will prepare the food. If requested we will package and stock the meals for you to enjoy at your leisure, in the safety of your own home, leaving you with a clean kitchen, a full refrigerator and plenty of leisure time.

Viva LA Foodies would also be happy to help you plan for your special events. We can provide the following:

• Private Dinner Parties
• Catered Brunches
• Romantic Dinner for 2
• Movie Set Catering
• Craft Services
• Omelette Station/Bar
• Picnic Baskets
• Outdoor Barbecues
• Menu Consultation
• Open House and Special Event Snacks

*An extra fee, Floral Arrangements, party rentals or Theme Décor may be included.

A gourmet meal is within reach. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss our services and your next event.

Phone: 310-968-7140


Fees, Terms and Conditions

All prices are per person unless stated otherwise.

An 18% gratuity will be added to the final catering bill for all parties with 50 or more people, 15% for less.

$50 minimum order for all party selections except desserts.

Party payment terms: 50% to be paid at least 7 days prior to the party date.

Additional costs, including tax and gratuity, to be paid not later than the day of the function.

Prices and menus are subject to change.

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