“Never leave home without” your AM Coffee? Or else….Contest

VivaLAfoodies has joined forces with Mr. Coffee to give one lucky fan/follower the opportunity to win a single brew Mr. Coffee coffeemaker so that they will never have the unfortunate mishap of some or any of the scenarios featured in this YouTube bloopers clip as a result of leaving home without their coffee.

“Mr. Coffee just made a new video using some popular YouTube bloopers to show why they think it’s important to have that morning cup of coffee.”

Mr. Coffee says: “Never leave home without coffee” or else….(this may happen to you) VIDEO

I have 1 Mr. Coffee single serve brewing system to give away via VivaLAfoodies.

To enter please comment below with your most original coffee deprived moment.

From there, we will select a winner based on their wildest story about their own coffee blunders resulting from missing their daily cup of joe.

Please share this post via facebook and twitter. A winner will be selected by Thanksgiving 2010(11/25/10 by 12pm) and will be notified via email.

Here’s the grand prize: Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System(coffeemaker)

VivaLAfoodies.com is working with an affiliate marketing partner to provide the winner with the prize. VivaLAfoodies releases all liability from use of the product and does not endorse or condone said product. We hold ourselves harmless from any legal action from our affiliation. We will request from our winner and keep in confidence(name, phone, email address, and mailing address) so that we can ensure proper delivery of winning item.

One Response to ““Never leave home without” your AM Coffee? Or else….Contest”
  1. Hey Everyone, Let the contest begin now thru 11/25/10 @12pm