Feel Good Foods makes its debut with Gluten Free Frozen snacks.

Born out of necessity and her personal struggle finding foods that she was able to eat, Vanessa Phillips started a company that offers gluten free frozen snacks. She started off making gluten free dishes out of her apartment and after teaming up with chef Tryg Siverson, they created a killer gluten free dumpling recipe. And […]

Enjoy National Macaroni & Cheese Day With These Great Gift Sets

Today is the best day of the year! That is, if you’re a mac & cheese enthusiast. Happy national mac & cheese day to pasta and cheese lovers alike. If you love cheese and comfort food, odds are this day is important to you. Although the definite origin of macaroni and cheese is not known, the first known written recipe for this dish is from thirteenth century southern Italy and eventually made it’s cheesy way into the United States, and according to the cheesesociety.org, mac & cheese currently remains the number one cheese recipe in the United States. By now you’re probably wondering what is the best way to celebrate this monumental national holiday?! Well, obviously by eating mac & cheese – but if you’re not already planning how to celebrate the day for yourself, how about gifting the ones you love in your life the great gift of mac & cheese.

The Cocktail Lab: Mixology 101

“Like Pumpkin Pie in a Glass” Samantha Abrahmsohn, resident Mixologist whips up a “Farm to Glass” cocktail in 2:32 seconds. More episodes to come. Stay tuned Los Angeles!

OM Organic Mixology

When the mixology trend began just a few years ago, it required growing your own herb garden, breaking out the blender, sifting through throngs of newly minted “organic” liquors and liqueurs, and spending hours refining your magnum opus, defining forevermore your girl’s nights, cocktail parties and pot luck dinners. There’s a time and a place for that now… it’s called Friday night at the Library Bar!

Experiencing “A Taste of the Good Life” with The Cheese Impresario at LAWF

Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario and Neil McNally of Rosenthal Estate Wines presented an Artisanal Cheese & Wine Pairing Adventure Seminar at this years 7th Annual LA Winefest at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California. The dynamic wine and cheese duo have shown their support for the Artisan Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin and paying homage to their dynamic culinary creations. Together they arranged an interesting and delicious Cheese & Wine class that merged the local flavors of Malibu’s boutique wine region with the high-end hard to find artisanal Wisconsin cheeses that have won countless awards.