Swingers Diner Hollywood

Swingers Diner in Hollywood is an Andy Warhol inspired late night healthy alternative eatery in the Miracle Mile district in Los Angeles. The menu features nostalgic Americana iconography including Bob Marley, Calvin and Hobbes, Starsky & Hutch, Jimmy Cliff amongst many others.

A wannabe vegetarian succumbs to a late night cornedbeef sandwich at Canters, and then repents over a pineapple shake and zucchini fries at Astro Burger

So, I understand the merits of vegetarianism. I would say I do not eat meat about 95% of the time. I love juicing, raw fooding, vegan cupcakes, etc. But whenever I sit down at Canters on Fairfax the omnivore in me just jumps out of nowhere. I once was told by an actor in Northern California that sometimes he makes the 425 mile drive from his house just to go get a Pastrami sandwich. There’s just nothing like a a plate of hot food after a sweaty gig in the adjacent Kibitz room. (My band has played there a dozen times this year.) And the Matzo Ball soup, while not quite as good as Grandma’s, comes pretty darn close. (That’s mainly veggie, except, I think the broth.)
My friends and I are usually throwing food around there like it’s going out of style. Trading half a tuna for half a caesar salad, tossing bagel chips at each other in the heat of debate (comes with the matzo ball soup.) If your brain needs an omega three break during your late night studies, grab some bagels and lox!

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles after the Hollywood Bowl Show

After countless drives past this famous Hollywood landmark we were finally lured into this Soul Food establishment.  We went from the Hollywood Bowl to Roscoe’s in minutes and found a parking space right in front.  Our party consisted of 7 people and we were all craving waffles after the Michael Franti & Spearhead show sponsored […]