The “World Burger Tour Menu” is Back at the Hard Rock Cafe for a limited time.


The blind taste test was a great way to get the conversation going as well as test ones competitive foodie and culinary knowledge of the origins of ingredients as well as regional and international flavors. Each of the 4 burgers sampled had a flag with a corresponding number to allow us to blind-ly guess which burger belongs to a corresponding Hard Rock Cafe global dining destination. Our two person team tasted and even deconstructed each burger to determine what the secret ingredient(s) were to connect the burger to one of eight different cities. There were of course a few wild-cards and curve balls but we managed to match all 4 burgers to their cities and ended up winning a prize from the Hard Rock Cafe. The burgers sampled and their descriptions are listed below:

The District by Hannah An, a Dining Destination

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.06.17 PM

Located at the intersection of Food, Fashion and Interior Design in Los Angeles’ most prolific and densely populated design districts, in the shadows of the Beverly Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, lies a not so hidden gem, The District by Hannah An: Merely a brief latte run from Verve Coffee Roasters on Melrose and the high fashion boutiques on famed N. Robertson Boulevard, and a stone’s throw from neighboring A.O.C.

Experiencing the Sweet & Savory world of 5 of LA’s great Pastry Chefs at Breadbar


Known for the tastes and smells of fresh baked buns and…

Hey Louie, Tell Pauli that the Food Mafia has now infiltrated Los Angeles

It’s a Mob, Mob, “Food Mafia” World. Foodies and Angelinos seeking honest, legit and un-baised restaurant reviews now have a new place to go online and the opportunity to join the Food Mafia’s newest chapter right here in Los Angeles, either by invitation or by requesting exclusive membership from local Los Angeles Food Mafia representatives.

Secrets of the Underground | Chef Amy’s California Adventure

Brian and Marissa

Similar to Disney’s concept for California Adventures, Chef Amy Jurist created a California adventure of her own with her latest underground dinner, the Bounty of California. From aesthetics to the ingredients themselves she captured the uniqueness and individuality housed in California. Here is a recap of a dinner that takes you from the hills of […]

First Fridays; Food, Fun and FiShbone

For those of you who don’t know about Abbot Kinney First Fridays in Venice Beach, California, you will by the time you finish reading this. WARNING: The following experience will have you pumped and out in full effect come June and every month thereafter. Your friends will thank you, and you will be the most popular person in your crew(hopefully, but not guaranteed.)


“TAKING IT TO THE STREETS” – A Night of Street Art, Street Food, and Unity for the Community

An Oustanding gathering uniting Foodies

I felt at home in the space since I work in the industry and produce warehouses and makeshift event kitchens are commonplace in the catering world. I had to hold myself back from offering help and realized that this was my night off to celebrate food, blogging and network with passionate foodies from around the globe.

Moving & Shaking: From The Ferry Marketplace to the Metreon

We met up again with the Foodbuzz team and bloggers at the Ferry Marketplace in the Embarcadero. From the moment we entered the building it felt as if we had both fallen down the rabbit hole into a Foodie Wonderland.

We Pop Champagne…cuz we Thirst-ay

The event was well orchestrated and was geared to the modern epicurian and wine connoisseur.