A Taste of the Far East at Noodle Star


Noodle Star is a hidden gem and a symbol for what a healthy and modern Asian eatery should strive to be. It is conveniently located in Sherman Oaks and in close proximity to Ventura Boulevard and located in the same space as the families former Thai bistro, Lannathai that has been in the family since 1977. Today the restaurant is owned and operated by The Mekpongsatorn brothers, Bo & Ben who are continuing the family tradition of bringing a quality affordable Asian dining experience to the San Fernando Valley. No matter what type of Asian cuisine you fancy Noodle Star has an Asian dish and delight for everyone.

LA Goes Loco for Pink Taco Tuesday


By Adam Rubenstein LA doesn’t need an excuse to eat tacos or does it? Well that depends on who you talk to and if they are a die-hard “Taco Tuesday” fanatic. We recently visited Pink Taco in Century City to get the skinny on their version of “Taco Tuesday” and experience it’s authenticity for ourselves. […]

Beverly Hills 9021PHO keeps cooking its way into new zip codes


We have seen it all and I am sure you have too when it comes to the fun and playful “PHO” signage combinations all over the city that have put this cheap, simple and flavorful Vietnamese noodle and broth based soup on the map. All restaurants have their own combinations to lour patrons in the doors and all PHO restaurants are not created equal.

Who needs Nunchucks when you have $100 Lobster Egg-rolls as weapons of Mass Consumption


Chef Jack Lee uses food to tell a story, to represent how his clients feel and to personify who they are through his experience of them. He takes these experiences and translates them onto the plate. A few years ago Jack went through jaw surgery where he lost his sense of taste. Jack was not going to go down without a fight and wasn’t going to let this get the best of him. It took him a year and a half to recover his sense of taste and retrain his palate. During his recovery he came up with the idea of his 6th tasting collection called “My True Colors” where he used food and colors to describe his thoughts and feelings through his toughest period after his surgery and his journey back to the culinary world.

A perfect pairing at Fab’s Corner Cucina featuring Shai Cellars


The recently remodeled, Fab’s Corner Cucina, is one of the best Italian restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. The culinary team at Fab’s sources the best farm-fresh ingredients and also supports independent winemakers and has extensive wine list and a unique blend of craft beers on tap as well.

Experiencing the Sweet & Savory world of 5 of LA’s great Pastry Chefs at Breadbar


Known for the tastes and smells of fresh baked buns and…

Momed is Beverly Hills Newest Modern Mediterannean Bistro


Momed, an acronym meaning Modern Mediterranean is made…

“Tinga to Madre”, It’s more than just a name, it’s a state of mind!


We are not saying that these other more expensive establishments are…

The Holy Trinity in Downtown LA


Nestled in the Avant-garde section of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts district lies the cities newest Cajun and Creole eatery simply dubbed NOLA’s; a name interpreted in shorthand as an ode to its culinary roots in New Orleans, Louisiana. Situated next to K-Town BBQ & Zip Fusion Sushi and set in the foreground of Little Tokyo, NOLA’s and its ethnic cuisine neighbors have created their own Restaurant Row with some great views of LA’s dynamic and famous “Street-Art” murals that include a head-on-view of “Cream of the Crop”, a piece recently completed by the Melbourne, Australia graffiti team duo, Dabs and Myla.

A taste of “Amore” at D’Amores pizza Los Angeles


Its all in the family at D’Amores and they run a tight ship. Fresh ingredients and quality service is what they pride themselves on at each and every restaurant, so the next time you can’t decide what to eat, go online and look for your nearest D’Amores. It might surprise you when you realize that you might have one in your backyard. Look for D’Amores Famous Pizza in Malibu, Westwood, West LA, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Tarzana, Canoga Park and their newest location at Planet Hollywood in lovely Las Vegas.