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Welcome to Viva LA Foodies. This is a guilt free place for fellow foodies to come together and unite to discuss all things food and drink

We will be constantly featuring home cooked recipes from the heart and soul, dining establishments, food festivals, excursions, food trucks and anything that has to do with the Foodie revolution!

Below you will find the bios of all contributing resident foodies. If you are interested in being a contributing foodie please contact us and submit your guest review and we will consider for publication on our site.

Eat, Drink, Sleep, Dream, Food

Viva LA Foodies Residents:

Adam Rubenstein-Producer & Lead Culinary Content Writer

Adam Rubenstein(VivaLAfoodies Founder) has built a “Food & Lifestyle Brand” from the ground up and has become one of Los Angeles’s culinary driven voices with his culinary prowess and his gift for painting a picture of our cities great and vastly diverse “Culinary Cultures.” He shares chef duties and is not afraid to bake a cake, roll some sushi, stir-fry in a wok or get down and dirty on the grill. The food and beverage lifestyle is what fuels him and the next meal keeps him going. Follow me on twitter!

Joseph Briscoe-Writer & Photographer

Joe Briscoe is a fellow foodie and our resident photographer. He is a graduate of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, and has been working in the photographic industry for over 6yrs. Some of the main clients that he shoots for are Food Pix, and Workbook Stock. He is currently shooting out of Los Angeles, but not limited to that location. He specializes in lifestyle, people portraiture, and food photography. Follow me on twitter!

Samantha Abrahmsohn- Senior writer, editor of Mixology and Artisan Beverages

I suffer from a whole host of not-so-fun food allergies, including a wheat allergy, so when it comes to fine dining and experimentation, I have to get creative! While food is certainly a form of sustenance and a luxury in the world we live in today, there’s no question that I love to eat! Few things can get me off the couch faster than a mention of fine dining… with wine. Lots of wine! I suppose I fell in love with the epicurean adventure a few years ago when my best friend and I spent a long weekend in Paso Robles wine tasting and enjoying the high life. It’s never left me. So, in the spirit of generosity and with a joie de vivre, I have joined the ranks of Viva LA Foodies to help shed light and a lens on great wine and great gluten free dining.

Monis Rose-Guest Writer & Curator of RestaurantFiction.com 


Your favorite LA Restaurant, Favorite type of Cuisine.

There are singular dishes in LA that are always the tipping point of going out to a restaurant versus staying in and cooking. Those dishes are: the uni udon at Marugame Monzo in Little Tokyo, the cold noodle soup at The Corner Place in Korea Town, the fried chicken at Honey Kettle in Culver City, the chocolate chip cookies at Craft, and any dish at Broken Spanish in Downtown LA.

Favorite Musician or Song that reminds you of LA

I associate my life to the opening of The Beatles song, “Get Back,” because I left my home from Tucson, Arizona for some California grass just like JoJoJ



(Optional) Something random about yourself that you want people to know about you

My first name is pronounced like the word honest, but with a silent T at the end. Hones’ Monis.

My IG handle is @themonisrose

Jeremy Ferrick-Guest Writer & Explorer of  Vegetarian/Vegan & Health Food Fare


Your favorite LA Restaurant, Favorite type of Cuisine.

The Beet salad at Lemonade LA

Favorite Musician or Song that reminds you of LA

U2 where the streets have no name live in Downtown LA



(Optional) Something random about yourself that you want people to know about you

I write songs and play guitar/ sing for my band buffalo traffic. 3 of my songs have been produced by Peter distefano of porno for pyros.

Social Media Links or Handles

@buffalotrafficInstagram and Twitter


Blake Pick-Guest Writer & Blogger (Newest Resident Foodie)


Your favorite LA Restaurant, Favorite type of Cuisine:

Too broad to say favorite restaurant. Favorite upscale: Rustic Canyon

Favorite cheap eats: Chego

Favorite cuisine: Sushi

Favorite Musician or Song that reminds you of LA:

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge



(Optional) Something random about yourself that you want people to know about you:

I once ate 47 chicken McNuggets in one sitting

My IG handle is @resauranthopla

Any other social links are same for Twitter and Restaurant Hopper Los Angeles on Facebook
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